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About us

We believe that movie is one of the best mediums to entertain and convey messages. Keeping that in consideration Trailersbook provides a digital platform where the content producer can host video content to promote upcoming & archived movies and reach their target audience more conveniently.

It’s a platform which provides complete solution to promote archived & upcoming movie by providing free hosting space, notify about movie releasing/ telecasting details, review by expert & insight of every video.

A platform where viewers can discover movies promotional video i.e. trailers, teasers, promotional songs, etc. on demand. Our viewers can watch, rate, show their interest and share the videos.

Vision & Mission

Our vision at is to be your daily destination to view and share movie video content from Indian cinema to empower and shape what matters in content today.

Our mission at is to provide the best movie entertainment experience for users while providing lucrative marketing opportunities for content producers, exhibitors & distributors using our in-house AI enabled analytics engine.


Digital platform dedicated to the promotion of movies

Free hosting for movie’s video promotion

Secure Platform

Strong AI for the content to conveniently reach the target audience

Notification features

Strong analytics