Vazandar Official Trailers

Movie :Vaznadar
Uploaded On :20 Jul 2017
Release Date :11 Nov 2016

Kaveri and Pooja try every trick in the book to cut down fat to achieve the much hyped size zero. As they embark on a gruelling weight-loss regimen, their lives are changed by some incidents.

Guru Pournima Marathi Movie Trailer

Movie :Guru Purnima
Uploaded On :23 Jul 2017
Release Date :12 Sep 2014

Guru Pournima is a light and breezy film about the two lead characters Guru (Limaye) and Pournima (Tamhankar), who are an ad maker and actor by their professions respectively. While Guru is headstrong and a relatively successful ad director, Pournima is an aspiring actress whose parents are increasingly discouraging and sceptical about her choice of career. Nevertheless, Pournima decides to give her ambition a real shot by fleeing home to act in Gurus ad film, but Guru doesnt know about it and consequently Pournima has to return home to her parents. However, Pournimas parents disown her and as a result she has to rent a hotel room with Guru, but as fate would have it, the hotel gets raided by Police the same night. In order to save Guru from charges of prostitution, his friend announces that Guru and Pournima are getting married soon! What will happen next? Watch this entertaining movie to find out!