Vazandar Official Trailers

Movie :Vaznadar
Uploaded On :20 Jul 2017
Release Date :11 Nov 2016

Kaveri and Pooja try every trick in the book to cut down fat to achieve the much hyped size zero. As they embark on a gruelling weight-loss regimen, their lives are changed by some incidents.

RINGAN Official Trailer

Uploaded On :08 Nov 2017
Release Date :16 Jul 2015

This film follows the heart-warming journey of a father and his 7-year-old son to find his mother. It tells the tale of the son who innocently believes that his mother is at God's abode, and the endless plight of his father - a farmer stuck in the vicious circle of drought and debt. With no one else to turn to, they travel to Pandharpur, God's abode, where each thinks they will find what they seek. But this search tests their harmony, morality, integrity and faith. Will this physical and emotional quest help them find a way to mend their bond? And will the father and son redeem themselves to find a way out of this cycle of misfortune and emerge victorious?

Sanngto Aika | Official Trailer

Movie :Sanngto Aika
Uploaded On :08 Nov 2017
Release Date :02 Oct 2014

An alcoholic stand-up comedian is wrongly framed for a crime by an evil politician who uses him as a scapegoat. Seeing his wife and young son embarrassed at him, he decides to prove his innocence.