Aami Joy Chatterjee Movie Trailer

Movie :Aami Joy Chatterjee
Uploaded On :09 Jul 2017
Release Date :09 Jul 2017

"Aami Joy Chatterjee" is the journey of a ruthless, self-centered and egoistic businessman Joy, whose definition of life and its situations is described by the all important 'I' , 'me' and 'myself'. One fine day, life throws him a googly and Joy Chatterjee goes missing - This is the journey of a man who realizes that the 'I' or 'Aami' is transient which fades out of being.Jaya Ahasan plays a pediatrician and his fiance and Shataf Figar plays an ACP investigating a bizarre case.


Movie :Dmajor
Uploaded On :09 Jul 2017
Release Date :09 Aug 2016

Diya, a girl from the suburbs(Jhargram) was sent to Kolkata (Calcutta) by her parents to acquire a Bachelor degree on Bengali Language. But deep inside she had a desire to learn guitars secretly. At the university she made new friends, Suchi(Same department), Manik(Film studies) and a few more. They came to know about her aspirations and helps her to get a guitar teacher. The Quest of Diya becomes unusual and She eventually was exploited and pushed towards Drugs. She was forced to believe that Music without drugs is impossible. The journey ends with a Wrench in the story.