Vazandar Official Trailers

Movie :Vaznadar
Uploaded On :20 Jul 2017
Release Date :11 Nov 2016

Kaveri and Pooja try every trick in the book to cut down fat to achieve the much hyped size zero. As they embark on a gruelling weight-loss regimen, their lives are changed by some incidents.

Guru Pournima Marathi Movie Trailer

Movie :Guru Purnima
Uploaded On :23 Jul 2017
Release Date :12 Sep 2014

Guru Pournima is a light and breezy film about the two lead characters Guru (Limaye) and Pournima (Tamhankar), who are an ad maker and actor by their professions respectively. While Guru is headstrong and a relatively successful ad director, Pournima is an aspiring actress whose parents are increasingly discouraging and sceptical about her choice of career. Nevertheless, Pournima decides to give her ambition a real shot by fleeing home to act in Gurus ad film, but Guru doesnt know about it and consequently Pournima has to return home to her parents. However, Pournimas parents disown her and as a result she has to rent a hotel room with Guru, but as fate would have it, the hotel gets raided by Police the same night. In order to save Guru from charges of prostitution, his friend announces that Guru and Pournima are getting married soon! What will happen next? Watch this entertaining movie to find out!

Duniyadari Marathi Movie Trailer

Movie :Duniyadari
Uploaded On :23 Jul 2017
Release Date :19 Jul 2013

The film is about the journey of every one which eventually makes them realize the true face of life. It has been acclaimed by Marathi audience.

Pyaar Vali Love Story Marathi Movie Trailer

Movie :Pyaar Vali Love Story
Uploaded On :23 Jul 2017
Release Date :24 Oct 2014

Pyar Vali Love Story presents two parallel stories. The first one is between a Garage owner Pashyabhai in a chawl and a street-smart and blunt girl Nandini , living in the chawl. When their marriage takes place, Pashyabhai's younger brother Amar arrives in the chawl and then begins another love story between Amar and Aliya, a muslim girl( Sai Tamhankar) living in the neighbourhood. Aliya's brother Kadar (Upendra Limaye) who is also good friend of Pashyabhai, fixes the marriage of his sister with Inspector Alam (Chinmay Mandlekar). When Kadar comes to know about his sister's relationship with Amar, he warns him and even beats him. In the meanwhile, communal riots break out and Inspector Alam is killed. Kadar suspects Amar and vows to take the revenge. Amar and Aliya who are intensely in love, manage to run away from the scene.

Tu Hi Re Marathi Movie Trailer

Movie :Tu Hi Re
Uploaded On :23 Jul 2017
Release Date :04 Sep 2015

Nandini (Sai Tamhankar) is someone who is a staunch believer in love marriages but following her father's orders, she gets married to Siddharth (Swwapnil Joshi) who is coping with heartbreak. Eight years later, Siddharth and Nandini are leading happy lives in Mumbai with their daughter. Kamlakar Bhanushali (Girish Oak), a politician who has some connection with Siddharth's past, comes to Siddharth's workplace and makes a proposal to him. He tells Siddharth that he's ready to fund Siddharth's work plant with Rs 25 crore provided he gets rid of Nandini. Turns out, Siddharth used to be in a relationship with Bhanushali's daughter Bhairavi (Tejaswini Pandit).How this situation resolves forms the crux of the story.

Pune 52 - Official Theatrical Trailer

Movie :Pune 52
Uploaded On :08 Nov 2017
Release Date :18 Jan 2013

Amar works as a private detective and tries to make his overbearing wife happy. He becomes involved in a police investigation and has an affair with his client's paramour.